Managed Fund


The Managed Fund is an actively managed multi-asset portfolio, which holds a combination of equities, fixed income, property, commodities, cash and absolute value.  The Fund holds between 50-80% of its assets in equities, reflecting the breadth of the market and Setanta’s expertise in the area. The portfolio is managed in accordance with the Setanta investment philosophy.  That is, the managers seek to own good assets for the long-term at prices below what they think they’re worth, carefully considering each investment’s risk profile.


Investment Objective:

The investment objective of the Fund is to outperform the median of competitor Managed Fund offerings over the long term.

Key Information & Disclosures(s)

The Managed Fund, managed by Setanta Asset Management Limited, is a unit-linked offering of Irish Life Assurance.  For this life assurance product, investors should refer to the relevant policy conditions.