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Investment Philosophy

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Video 2: Setanta Asset Management: Research Process

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We in Setanta do not believe the market is efficient.  Our aim is to purchase and own assets at a price below a reasonable assessment of their worth. This is where we focus our resources. Our process is akin to assessing a part ownership of a business rather than trading a security. This assessment of value must always encompass a thorough understanding of where this value is derived.  We have a long term investment horizon and risk management is always central. We regard risk as the potential for permanent impairment of value.  Integrity is a key tenet of our professional DNA and we embrace a culture of continued learning. 

Investment Principles

  • We do not believe the market is efficient.
  • We aim to make investments at a price below our assessment of intrinsic value.
  • We make an investment in a business rather than trade securities. 
  • We believe risk is the possibility of permanent impairment of value.
  • We make investments for the long term.
  • We invest where we see value and are not afraid to be contrarian and swim against the tide.
  • We don’t make forecasts, we consider scenarios.
  • We demand financial strength from the companies we invest in.
  • We have the humility to know we make mistakes and embrace the need to continue learning through both experience and study.
  • We will act with integrity and communicate with our clients in a manner representative of our investment style.